Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Travelling with a baby/toddler on an airplane (example Lufthansa)

I think our child has been on more then 10 airplanes eventhough our child is 2 years old.
We traveled on an airplane the first time when our child was 9 months old.

We were lucky enough that most of the flights were with Lufthansa because we love how child friendly they are.
For our long international flights the ladies at the check in counter always tried to get us in the front where they have the bassinets they can hook in the wall. The bassinet didnt work for us because our child was too long (and too nosy).
We always appreciate when people at least try to make things better, because when you travel with a child you never know how it will be. Will you child be grouchy and scream, get ear issues, cry for no reason or will need a diaper change every hour.
Families with small children are also allowed to get on the plane earlier, I really appreciate that because it always takes some time to get settled.

When you travel with a child under 2 you can share a seat with them, that makes it cheaper because they dont need their own seat and you just need to pay a little bit extra.
I love that because I found out that when I travel by myself Lufthansa blocks the seat next to me  anyways, but only if the flight isnt completely booked.
I made the experience that they are rarely completely book unless its high travel season.
Lufthansa offers baby food on the plane, last time I needed some they didnt have a big variety but anything is better then nothing and they will also warm it up.
The best place to change a diaper might be on your seat because the changing area in the bathroom is super tiny and its a very narrow bathroom already.
Another advice would be to bring tons of little snacks and treats, a drink or at least a cup so you can refill it when the flight attendants come by with drinks and a pacifier (if you baby uses one).
We also bought at least one new toy and book, wrapping them makes it even more fun for them to explore (little board books and maybe a small toy that has lights, buttons or sounds will do)

When you travel with a child above the age of 2 they need their own seat and ticket.
Oh my was I shocked to see the price. It is crazy that little kids pay the same as adults.
We still bring tons of snacks and a new book or toy and now they can even watch the little kid shows they have in the entertainment guide. Last time we had 4 movies to choose from and a couple cartoons.
Some of the movies where documentaries about animals, i think thats great because every kid loves animals and those documentaries are better than some of the movies that are out there.
Another great advice is to change the meal to Child Meal, you can do that when you book your flight.
Our childs dinner meal was awesome: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and peas and carrots, fruit, a PB&J sandwich and a sweet treat. Breakfast was fruit, a muffin, apple sauce and something else I cant remember because my child was more worried about eating her and MY muffin.

I also appreciate that the flight attendants always offer water or juice. Its important to be hydrated on the plane and drinking something is one trick so that your ears wont hurt when the plane lands or takes off.
Other tricks with babies are breastfeeding or giving them their bottle, pacifiers, chewing snacks and with older ones you can also try gummy bears, jelly beans or a lollipop.

I also think its very sweet that Lufthansa offers one free toy, last time we didnt get one and my daughter was a little upset, but before we got a little pillow, a rattle toy, a little stuffed bird, a Lufthansa pin and a planes coloring book.

All in all flying with babies and toddler isnt easy, especially on long international flight were they dont want to sleep or you have noisy neighbors that drink the free alcohol that Lufthansa offers. But you just need to get through it, breath and try to relax. Because your child can sense your stress and anxiety. Flight attendants can also help you, I needed to use the bathroom once and my child was sleeping, so the Flight attendant was so nice to watch my child while I got up real fast to stretch and freshen up.

Enjoy the time with your child, they grow up way too fast and help them enjoy their plane experience. Our child is still amazed by the big planes and I just love how excited she always is.


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