Sunday, October 26, 2014

Austin Lloyd October Review - 3 year old (Promo Code included)

Like I announced at the beginning of the month, we signed up for Austin Lloyd. I am super excited, because they feature some of my favorite brands. For example Haba, Hape, Janod, Manhattan Toy Company and so many more.
 I also really love the fact that each month the box has a different theme and we always receive one book in each box. 

I bet you all can guess how excited I was when I received my shipping confirmation. I tracked my box every day and was surprised when it showed up earlier then expected. 

So here it is :

Tadaaaa, I am definately not disappointed. This is such an awesome box.
A book, a Lace Lion, a screwing ball toy, a memory game and a magnetic game.
There is more in there than I expected. 
I am stoked. 

Here a detailed description about the items we received:

The Screwball Characters Toy is for 24+month and I really like it. Because honestly I haven't seen any other toy where kids have to screw and stack. I also like that they can mix and match the different parts. This is the perfect toy for taking with to the restaurant or for quiet time.
The Circus Screwballs is made out of wood and felt, one thing I love about Hape. I am in love with wooden toys, because I love how they feel, I love the smell of wood and personally I always think the colors are more vibrant.
- Manhattan Toy Company, 'Imagine I can' Lace and Play Lion, the card that came with the toy says Retail Value at $10.49, but the Manhattan Toy Company website sells them for $5.00
I really like Lace Toys and my daughter is still trying to figure them out. So far it keeps her attention for 5 Minutes, but when she gets better she will have more fun. 
I enjoy them. (LOL!)
The Lion is for 3+ years and is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 
I also think its fun that you can attach the parts of the mane or just leave it out. Again a great toy for the car, the restaurant or quiet time at home.

- Hervé Tullet - The Finger Circus Game Book - the Retail Value Price on the card states $9.95, but I found it on Amazon for $8.49
Our family loves Hervé Tullets books and we already own two other ones. We love the vibrant colors and cute stories. I really like this Circus Game book, since each page has a hole where you can put your finger in. Your finger will turn into a circus performer. This is such a silly and great idea. I recommend it for all ages and it will make story time more fun and interactive.

Wow, what a beautiful and colorful memory game. Patrick Rhuby, who grew up in Idaho but now lives in Los Angeles, dreamt of running away to join the circus when he was a boy. So no wonder he created such a colorful and great memory game. With such vivid colors and bold graphics, I am not even sure if I will frame these or play the game. They are just so stunning. 
36 pairs is alot for 3+years, so I really like the suggesting found on the card to just use a couple at the beginning. 

- Janod - Magnetibook Crazy Face, the Retail Value on the card states $20.99 but I found it on Amazon for $15.19
Janod is one of my favorite brands and I had a Magnetibook on my wishlist. 
Our daughter loves magnets, so she will definately love this toy also (I am saving it for her birthday next week).
I really like that this Magnetibook comes in a box, so that all the pieces stay in one place. Every mom know its hard to keep track of toys, especially the small ones. 
I also like that it comes with a template, so kids can either copy the template or just make their own 'Crazy Face' creation.
This Magnetibook is great to boost creativity and fine motor skills. 

So all in all, all these items are great and very thoughtful. I love each an every one of them. I also really like the variety of toys and that they all match the Circus theme. 
The price of all the items is way more than the price for the box. I cant wait for my daughter play with them next week after her birthday.

Austin Lloyd is not a normal kids subscription service, they offer high value items and no samples or crap to fill the box. The products are items you cant always find everywhere and they are thoughtfully selected. I am very impressed with Austin Lloyd and really enjoyed our October box. 
And of course this Box Service is more expensive, but you also receive a lot of high quality toys and a big vaiety. 

If anyone is interested, I received a special code that will save you 15%. 

Thank you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Citrus Lane October Boxes - 2 year old girl and 3 year old neutral box

 We are again receiving 2 different boxes this month.
 I am very excited because my daughters birthday is in a couple days and I will save some items for her special day.
I was very surprised when our mailmen handed me the boxes, because usually they have yellow writing on them. This month they are pink and they have mustaches on the box (you can tear them out of the card stock and take a picture for a fun giveaway). I think it is very cute and thoughtful, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November is Men's Health Awarness Month. 

Here is what we received in her 2 year old Box:

These are really cute and perfect for Justinas Birthday Outfit and pictures. 
Hopefully she will like them.

These are very cute and will be perfect for our music time. 
We already have a little piano, that we use when we sing songs and dance. We will have a lot of fun when we include these to it.

These are little real wood cars and figurines. Perfect for every little doll house or Matchbox Car lover. I will actually saves these for our next restaurant trip, they are small, sturdy and fit perfectly in my daughters backpack for out and about.

Here is what we received in our 3 year old neutral box:

Our daughter went to a play date the other day and loved playing with the other child's cape. Since then she was wanting a cape. So this was PERFECT.
Our daughter had to try it on right away.

Again, we love instruments. I like these because they are a bit bigger and I am a big fan of blue. 
I love the variety in this Snack Mix. Its not just Cheddar Bunnies, but also yummy Pretzels and Crackers. My daughter and I loved them and will use the coupon on our next shopping trip. 
This is such a cute domino game. I love the vibrant colors and different animals. Also, on the back of the animals are dots like on a dice. So you can play either with the animal sides or make it harder using the dots.
We played this game last night and my daughter had a lot of fun. Its kept us busy for about 30 Minutes and the rules were very easy to understand for her. 

So all in all, both of these boxes were awesome and well worth their price. 
I am very happy with both boxes and all the items suit my daughter very well. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smiley360 Mission Review: 5-hour ENERGY®

 Thanks to Smiley360, we received these special 5-hour ENERGY® shots for free to try.
I am very excited to try out the special Pink Lemonade flavor, I had the normal one a couple years back and really liked it. I used it before working out and before running a marathon. It really helped and made me feel energized and more awake plus alert.

It has a great lemonade taste and is filled with amino acids and B-Vitamins. I took a shot right after putting my daughter down for her nap. I got so much done and felt very energized for several hours. It was awesome. I also like that it is sugar free and only has 4 calories.

Also, this special marked bottle of 5-hour Energy donates money to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer non-profit organization. This organization is helping those with breast cancer live beyond their diagnosis. It is only available for a limited amount of time, so go to the store and buy yours to support a great non-profit organization.

Thank you again Smiley360.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Graze Box Review: September 2014

 If you follow my blog, you know I love Graze Boxes. (Especially their flapjacks!!!)

We received a great box in September, the box included Chocolate Orange Flapjacks, Protein Nuts, Seedsational and Garden of England.
The Chocolate Orange Flapjacks were delicious, sweet and a great orange and chocolate flavor.
The Protein Nut, which included chili and lime cashews, almonds and pistachio kernels were not my favorites. 
Seedsational are roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soy sauce. These were quite tasty and our toddler loved to snack on them.
Garden of England, that means mini strawberries, blackcurrants and apple pieces. We like dried fruit and these were really yummy.

If anyone is interested in trying out a Graze Box, here is a link for your FIRST and FIFTH box free.

Thank you!

PinchMe Review September 2014

I have been a member of the PinchMe community for a while now and wanted to share what I got in the last Box. 
Usually once a month, on a specific day and time, they open up there website. 

They usually offer 5+ samples and products. 

This time we got: 

Thank you, PinchMe.

LÄRABAR® the Original Fruit & Nut Bar™ Review

I am finally catching up on my reviews. 

I always wanted to try LÄRABAR® Bars and finally just contacted them. 
Customer Service was super friendly and offered me 4 different Bars. 
They have such a great selection of flavors, that I decided to pick the ones I have not seen at the store before. 

Key Lime Pie
Pecan Pie 
Banana Bread

So far I have tried the Cappuccino and Banana Bread, and I have to say they are delicious.
They are quiet different than other Bars, because they contain just Fruits and Nuts.

 The Banana Bread contains Almonds, Dates and unsweetened Banana.
This Bar has a great sweet flavor, thanks to the Dates, and also a great Banana Aroma.
I love the Almonds in the Banana Bread Bar, because they give the Bar the special crunch.
The Cappuccino contains Fair-trade Coffee, Dates, Almonds, Cashews and Vanilla Extract. 
Sweet, crunchy and a light Coffee Flavor. This is perfect for every coffee lover.

We will definitely keep buying them since they are very good for you, taste great and I love that they include simple ingredients.

TFY Padded Hand-Strap plus Tablet Cover Case Review

Besides the iPhone 5s cases we were also able to try out this TFY Padded Hand-Strap plus Tablet Cover Case  thanks to  MyTradeWorld.  

I really like the case that comes with the TFY Padded hand-strap. It protects very well and fits snug around the tablet. 
I also really like attached padded hand-strap since it has 2 great ways to use it. You can use it as as a hand-strap and hold the tablet easyily, at home while cooking or at work while holding a presentation or showing something to your co-workers or students. 
The other great way you can use the hand-strap is that it also works like a stand. 
Our daughter loves it, because I can easily prop it up and she can watch a show and does not need to hold the tablet. 

We really like this product and want to thank MyTradeWorld for the chance to try it out. 

TFY Sport Armband iPhone 5s Review

I recently got the chance to try out 2 great TFY Sport Armbandsfor my iPhone 5s, thanks to MyTradeWorld.

We received the
and the

Here is the 

 I really like this Armband and I am very surprised how strong the Velcro is. I expected it to be loose and wiggly but this is hardcore Velcro that sticks together so hard that I have a hard time getting it off with one hand. I use this Sport Armband when I go running, biking or I am just chasing my toddler around the playground. I like that It comes with a very neat case and a little slot for my key.
The Armband is very soft and doesn't cut in my skin when I tighten it. It feels comfortable and my iPhone 5 stays in place and doesn't move around.

 Here is the

This Sport Armband is different since here you put your phone between special hooks. I had a hard time getting my phone in the first time, but now with some practice its very easy. 
The hooks are very tight, so your phone is locked in and doesn't move around.  
I even shook the Armband around and it did not move or wiggle.
Again the Armband is very soft and does not cut in your skin and it also has a special slot for your key. 

Thanks again to MyTradeWorld. 

Smiley360 Mission Review: Chapstick® Hydration Lock Day & Night

I recently got approved for a new great mission and received this Chapstick® Hydration Lock Day & Night for free from Smiley360 (in exchange for my honest review).
You can join too, just click  here. 

Chapstick® came out with a dual-ended chapstick for healthier looking lips. I chose the Day and Night version, they also offer a Moisture and Renew version. 

The Day side conditions your lips with SPF during the day and the Night side contains tamanu oil and natural butters to replenish your lips by night.

I personally just love any Chapstick® products and usually always carry one ( or even 2) in my purse.
When I saw this dual-ended chapstick, I instantly fell in love. I have this one in my bathroom, so right when I get up in the morning or before I go to bed I can use it.
I used it just last night, because I had a long, busy day and my lips were sentitive and irritated.
I used some of the Night chapstick and my lips instantly calmed down and felt better.
And today they are all normal and the redness and irritation are gone.

I really like this chapstick and would suggest it to anyone who has sensitive lips or is just busy and needs some extra hydration.
Here is a special link, with a coupon offer from Chapstick®.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

News for October

October and Fall are finally here. 

And there are some great new things coming this month.
My daughter and I will try out the new Koala Crate from Kiwi Crate. This is a specially designed box filled with developmentally appropriate, enriching projects for preschoolers (3-4years old).
I also have a special deal available for anyone interested in the Koala Crate boxes, if you follow this link you will receive $10 off.  

We will also try out the original Kiwi Crate box, that box is filled with projects for kids ages 3-8 that inspire creativity and pique curiosity. 
I also have a special deal available for anyone interested in that box filled with kid projects. Just follow this link and you get $10 off.  

I am very excited, since the cold and rainy days are coming up. These craft boxes will come in very handy. 

We will also try out the famous Austin Lloyd Box this month.
When I heard they now also offer boxes for 3 year olds, I just had to try it out. 
We already know this months theme will be Circus and I am very excited. 

Austin Lloyd is a pricier kids subscription service, but from what I have seen so far its worth it. They always send out 4-5 engaging surprises each month and there is also always one book included. 
I am very excited since they feature some of my favorite brands. 
I received a special code for anyone interested in Austin Lloyd, it will save you 15%.
Here is the code: ReviewsFromMom15 .

So stay tuned.