Sunday, October 26, 2014

Austin Lloyd October Review - 3 year old (Promo Code included)

Like I announced at the beginning of the month, we signed up for Austin Lloyd. I am super excited, because they feature some of my favorite brands. For example Haba, Hape, Janod, Manhattan Toy Company and so many more.
 I also really love the fact that each month the box has a different theme and we always receive one book in each box. 

I bet you all can guess how excited I was when I received my shipping confirmation. I tracked my box every day and was surprised when it showed up earlier then expected. 

So here it is :

Tadaaaa, I am definately not disappointed. This is such an awesome box.
A book, a Lace Lion, a screwing ball toy, a memory game and a magnetic game.
There is more in there than I expected. 
I am stoked. 

Here a detailed description about the items we received:

The Screwball Characters Toy is for 24+month and I really like it. Because honestly I haven't seen any other toy where kids have to screw and stack. I also like that they can mix and match the different parts. This is the perfect toy for taking with to the restaurant or for quiet time.
The Circus Screwballs is made out of wood and felt, one thing I love about Hape. I am in love with wooden toys, because I love how they feel, I love the smell of wood and personally I always think the colors are more vibrant.
- Manhattan Toy Company, 'Imagine I can' Lace and Play Lion, the card that came with the toy says Retail Value at $10.49, but the Manhattan Toy Company website sells them for $5.00
I really like Lace Toys and my daughter is still trying to figure them out. So far it keeps her attention for 5 Minutes, but when she gets better she will have more fun. 
I enjoy them. (LOL!)
The Lion is for 3+ years and is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 
I also think its fun that you can attach the parts of the mane or just leave it out. Again a great toy for the car, the restaurant or quiet time at home.

- Hervé Tullet - The Finger Circus Game Book - the Retail Value Price on the card states $9.95, but I found it on Amazon for $8.49
Our family loves Hervé Tullets books and we already own two other ones. We love the vibrant colors and cute stories. I really like this Circus Game book, since each page has a hole where you can put your finger in. Your finger will turn into a circus performer. This is such a silly and great idea. I recommend it for all ages and it will make story time more fun and interactive.

Wow, what a beautiful and colorful memory game. Patrick Rhuby, who grew up in Idaho but now lives in Los Angeles, dreamt of running away to join the circus when he was a boy. So no wonder he created such a colorful and great memory game. With such vivid colors and bold graphics, I am not even sure if I will frame these or play the game. They are just so stunning. 
36 pairs is alot for 3+years, so I really like the suggesting found on the card to just use a couple at the beginning. 

- Janod - Magnetibook Crazy Face, the Retail Value on the card states $20.99 but I found it on Amazon for $15.19
Janod is one of my favorite brands and I had a Magnetibook on my wishlist. 
Our daughter loves magnets, so she will definately love this toy also (I am saving it for her birthday next week).
I really like that this Magnetibook comes in a box, so that all the pieces stay in one place. Every mom know its hard to keep track of toys, especially the small ones. 
I also like that it comes with a template, so kids can either copy the template or just make their own 'Crazy Face' creation.
This Magnetibook is great to boost creativity and fine motor skills. 

So all in all, all these items are great and very thoughtful. I love each an every one of them. I also really like the variety of toys and that they all match the Circus theme. 
The price of all the items is way more than the price for the box. I cant wait for my daughter play with them next week after her birthday.

Austin Lloyd is not a normal kids subscription service, they offer high value items and no samples or crap to fill the box. The products are items you cant always find everywhere and they are thoughtfully selected. I am very impressed with Austin Lloyd and really enjoyed our October box. 
And of course this Box Service is more expensive, but you also receive a lot of high quality toys and a big vaiety. 

If anyone is interested, I received a special code that will save you 15%. 

Thank you.

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