Friday, October 17, 2014

Citrus Lane October Boxes - 2 year old girl and 3 year old neutral box

 We are again receiving 2 different boxes this month.
 I am very excited because my daughters birthday is in a couple days and I will save some items for her special day.
I was very surprised when our mailmen handed me the boxes, because usually they have yellow writing on them. This month they are pink and they have mustaches on the box (you can tear them out of the card stock and take a picture for a fun giveaway). I think it is very cute and thoughtful, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November is Men's Health Awarness Month. 

Here is what we received in her 2 year old Box:

These are really cute and perfect for Justinas Birthday Outfit and pictures. 
Hopefully she will like them.

These are very cute and will be perfect for our music time. 
We already have a little piano, that we use when we sing songs and dance. We will have a lot of fun when we include these to it.

These are little real wood cars and figurines. Perfect for every little doll house or Matchbox Car lover. I will actually saves these for our next restaurant trip, they are small, sturdy and fit perfectly in my daughters backpack for out and about.

Here is what we received in our 3 year old neutral box:

Our daughter went to a play date the other day and loved playing with the other child's cape. Since then she was wanting a cape. So this was PERFECT.
Our daughter had to try it on right away.

Again, we love instruments. I like these because they are a bit bigger and I am a big fan of blue. 
I love the variety in this Snack Mix. Its not just Cheddar Bunnies, but also yummy Pretzels and Crackers. My daughter and I loved them and will use the coupon on our next shopping trip. 
This is such a cute domino game. I love the vibrant colors and different animals. Also, on the back of the animals are dots like on a dice. So you can play either with the animal sides or make it harder using the dots.
We played this game last night and my daughter had a lot of fun. Its kept us busy for about 30 Minutes and the rules were very easy to understand for her. 

So all in all, both of these boxes were awesome and well worth their price. 
I am very happy with both boxes and all the items suit my daughter very well. 

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