Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hefty® Ultimate™ with Arm & Hammer™ Odor Control Trash Bag Sample Review

Some people think it doesnt matter what kind you buy as long as they are cheap. 
Our family is very picky about trash bags though. We have been using the Hefty® Odor Block® Scented Trash Bags for a while now, because they smell great and they hold A LOT.

The only thing that always bothers me is the fact that they don't grip to the trash can. Its just terrible when you are trying to dump in left over food and they trash bags falls right down. 

So I was very excited to try these new ones out. 

 Here are all the great new features the Hefty® Ultimate™ Trash Bag has:

Here is the direct comparison:

I love the gripping drawstring, because the bag stays up and grips right to the trash can.

Another great feature is that it is tear and puncture resistant.
Here you can see the special structure of the bag.

 All in all, I was very impressed. 
I think I will get these trash bags when its time for me to buy new ones. 
I just love the clean smell, that they grip to the trash can and stay on and that they hold so much. 

Thank you Hefty®.

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