Friday, September 26, 2014

Citrus Lane September 2014 Box Review #1 - 3 year old Girl

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This month we were actually able to get two different boxes, one for a 2 year old girl and one for a 3 year old girl. I will start with the box for the 3 year old girl, the boxes were a little different, since the main items were not the same. I was very happy about that and I kept some items for my daughters birthday next month.

I really enjoy my Citrus Lane subscription, they surprise us with so many different interesting items and it is so much for for my daughter to get mail. If you are interested in trying it out, here is a link for 50% off your first box. The price will be around 16$ and shipping will be free.

So here is what we got in our 3 year old box:

- Creativity for Kids, Critters Creativity Can - $9.99 on the Creativity for Kids website
I love stuff like this, it comes in a nice can. So you can easily put stuff away, when one craft is done. The critters look very cute and you can make them easily. I love that it comes as a whole creativity set, with all the components you need. 

- Crocodile Creek, Vehicle Puzzle - Ice Cream truck sells for $10.99 on the Crocodile Creek website. 
This is very neat and finally not a girly puzzle. I really like the colors and that the packaging looks like an actual ice-cream truck. I will save this puzzle for later, since my daughter is still working on other smaller puzzles and this one would be a little too hard (it has 48 pieces).

We love books and also CDs, so I love this item. The illustrations are beautiful and I like that they used a classic tale. 

 Crunchy, little and healthy treat, made with wheat dough, sunflower seeds and cinnamon. This snack has just the right crunch and sweetness. I also like that it is just the right size for kids.

So, all together the items were worth around $38. The price of the box is only $29 with free shipping, so this months box has more bit more value. I really like the items we got, because they are all different and perfect for the rainy fall days coming up.

Again, if anybody is interested in trying out Citrus Lane, follow this link. It is definitely fun and you wont be disappointed.

Thank you!
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