Monday, March 24, 2014

Bluum Box - March 2014

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This month we received our first Bluum Box.
I was very excited since the founders are German.
Bluum Box is a monthly subscription service for moms and kids. You receive a box each month around the 17th and it will be filled with lots of goodies that match for your childs age.
After you receive the box you can review the items on their website and earn points. Your can then redeem the point for free boxes.
I think that idea is great especially the option to review the products.

We received our Box last week, but I waited with my review since I wasn't quiet happy with what we received and so I contacted customer service.
They replied today and apologized. They also offered me a discount for my next subscription and told me I would receive 'a lot more in my next Bluum Box'.
So lets see, I am very willing to give them another try, because everybody deserves a second chance.
And after all the products weren't bad, I just expected something different.

Here is what we received this month. It is a great pampering box for our daughter, I was just a little disappointed because we didn't receive a toy or book like so many others did.

Items we received:
Boogie Mist - 4.99$ 
Kandoo Wipes - around 1.99$
Circle of Friends Detangler - 13$
Poppy Drops tattoo earrings - 6.95$
Tic Tac Toe Socks - around 6$

Like I said above these are great pampering items, but there is nothing my daughter can actually play with or hold with out my supervision.

We tried out the Poppy Drops tattoo earrings and they are great though. Easy to apply, safe and removable.
Our daughter has been bugging us for earrings and these are a great option. She was very happy and proud. (Her ear is still a little too small for the tattoo earring, so half of it didn't apply correctly and fell off)

After looking trough the box with me and inspecting all the goodies, my daughter found the packaging material and had a lot of fun playing with it. She calls them her 'fuzzies'. So afterall she wasnt upset that there was no toy or book and spend the next hour making a 'mess'.

After all I am very impressed how fast and professional Bluum Customer Service handled my request.
And I am very excited to see what next month will bring us. 

I you are interested in a Bluum Box subscription please follow this link and you will get 50% off your first box.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Post contains referral/affiliate links.

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