Monday, July 21, 2014

Bluum Box July 2014 - 45 Months Old Girl

WOW! I dont even know how all these great goodies fit in our July Bluum box. 
I am super impressed and stunned, about all these great items. 

We received 6! High Value Items, no samples or single items. 
- Priddy Books - Wipes Clean Books - Phonics - $12.00
What a great book, it comes with 26 flashcards and aspecial pen. Perfect for little curious learners and also for on the go.  

- Parragon Books - Bunny Loves To Color - $5.00
This coloring book is super cute and I love the 100 stickers that come with it. 
- Child's Play - Old Macdonald Counting Snap - $12.00
Neat game consisting of 48 cards. You can play tons of different games with these simple but fun cards. Like Snap, counting the animals , naming the animals or adding them.

- Popsi Clean - Popsicle Holder - Red & Yellow - $6.99
Practical Popsicle Holder, everyone in my family loves these and they will be super handy this summer. No dripping, dirty shirts or messy hands. This is fabulous.  What a great invention.  
- Itzy Ritzy - Snack Bag - Sight Word Soup - $10.00
I love Snack Bags because they have so many uses. We use them for snacks, crayons, wet swimsuits, change of clothes, little games. 
In addition, the pattern of this snack bag is universal, pretty and can be used for everything. 

- Crocodile Creek - Tie Dye Youth Drinking Bottle - $11.99
What a great idea, a drinking bottle just for kids. Great colors, lightweight, aluminium.
Water will taste just like water and not plastic. Perfect for hot days and while out and about. 
I love this Bluum Box. Everything is so thoughtful and perfect for the summer. 
I am so impressed. 
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Citrus Lane July 2014 Box Review - 2 year old Girl

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Look what the mailmen brought today.
Our JULY CITRUS LANE box, I was super excited. Just like last month we were able to choose one item before the box got shipped out. This month it was MATCH STACKS™, they had different themes to choose from and we chose the 'Backyard Creatures'. Since our daughter likes bugs.
After choosing the item, I looked it up on and they MATCH STACKS™ usually sell for 19.99$. I knew that there will be something else in the box, but not to expect too much since this is a very pricey item.

So here is what we received today:

- Tree Hopper ToysMATCH STACKS™ - Backyard Creatures
I really like this memory game. Great pictures on it in simple colors, made from solid wood and the best part in a sturdy, small canister for on the go. ( 19.99$ on Tree Hopper Toys)

 - North American Bear Company, Fancy Prancy Princess Doll - Snow White Finger Puppet
(14.00$ on North American Bear Company)
I think this doll is pretty cute and our daughter likes it. She hasnt understood that it is a finger puppet yet, but that will come with time. I cant wait to sit with her in her little princess tent in our living room and read princess stories with that little pretty Snow White doll.

- Plum Organics, Mashups Pouch - Blueberry Blitz (1.29-1.49$)
I like these veggie and fruit smoothies, I wish my daughter would too. She never liked the consistency of apple sauce, purees or smoothies.  Bummer :(
This is a small sample (0.5oz) of their 1.7oz daily moisturizer. I like samples, they are great for traveling or just to have in my purse. 

So all together this is a neat box, I like the MATCH STACKS™ memory game and Snow White Doll. Plus, I also know our daughter will enjoy playing with both. I personally would have hoped for another item, to make the value just a bit higher.

But you know all that matters is that the toddler is happy, and Citrus Lane did a great job doing so this month. I hope August will be a fun box too.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Smiley360 Mission Review: Preparation H Medicated Wipes

I received these Preparation H Medicated Wipes for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join too, just click  here. 

 These wipes are great, it is the worst when you feel uncomfortable and you can get rid of the itching and burning. I am very active and my toddler also keeps me very busy. So these wipes were just a life saver last week because they relieved the pain and also kept the itching away for a while, so that I could go on my run or explore the new playground with my toddler. Its nice to still be able to be active and social, instead of hiding at home just waiting for the burning and itching to go away.

I really like these Preparation H Medicated Wipes.
Thank you  Smiley360, anyone interested just click here and you can join Smiley360 too 
Thank you.

Graze Box Review June 2014

Our family loves Graze boxes, because they are just delicious and deliver such a wide range of variety. 
We got our first box free and loved it so much, we continued their service. If you are interested in getting your first and fifth box for free also, follow this link. 

Here is our Graze Box Review from last month, May 2014. 

And here is what we got this month:

- Graze's Black Pepper Popping Corn
- Chili and Honey Almonds
- Summer Berry Flapjacks
- My Thai (sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites)

I promised my husband the Summer Berry Flapjacks, so I tried the My Thai.
And all I have to say is that it was delicious. I loved the spicy and sweet flavor and the crunchy soy bites. What I really like about any Graze snacks, is that they always have the right sweetness.

I cant wait to try the other snacks this week.

Again if you are interested in trying out a free box ( and also receiving your fifth box for free) follow this link, you wont regret it. 

Thank you.