Monday, July 21, 2014

Citrus Lane July 2014 Box Review - 2 year old Girl

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Look what the mailmen brought today.
Our JULY CITRUS LANE box, I was super excited. Just like last month we were able to choose one item before the box got shipped out. This month it was MATCH STACKS™, they had different themes to choose from and we chose the 'Backyard Creatures'. Since our daughter likes bugs.
After choosing the item, I looked it up on and they MATCH STACKS™ usually sell for 19.99$. I knew that there will be something else in the box, but not to expect too much since this is a very pricey item.

So here is what we received today:

- Tree Hopper ToysMATCH STACKS™ - Backyard Creatures
I really like this memory game. Great pictures on it in simple colors, made from solid wood and the best part in a sturdy, small canister for on the go. ( 19.99$ on Tree Hopper Toys)

 - North American Bear Company, Fancy Prancy Princess Doll - Snow White Finger Puppet
(14.00$ on North American Bear Company)
I think this doll is pretty cute and our daughter likes it. She hasnt understood that it is a finger puppet yet, but that will come with time. I cant wait to sit with her in her little princess tent in our living room and read princess stories with that little pretty Snow White doll.

- Plum Organics, Mashups Pouch - Blueberry Blitz (1.29-1.49$)
I like these veggie and fruit smoothies, I wish my daughter would too. She never liked the consistency of apple sauce, purees or smoothies.  Bummer :(
This is a small sample (0.5oz) of their 1.7oz daily moisturizer. I like samples, they are great for traveling or just to have in my purse. 

So all together this is a neat box, I like the MATCH STACKS™ memory game and Snow White Doll. Plus, I also know our daughter will enjoy playing with both. I personally would have hoped for another item, to make the value just a bit higher.

But you know all that matters is that the toddler is happy, and Citrus Lane did a great job doing so this month. I hope August will be a fun box too.

Thank you.

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