Thursday, October 2, 2014

News for October

October and Fall are finally here. 

And there are some great new things coming this month.
My daughter and I will try out the new Koala Crate from Kiwi Crate. This is a specially designed box filled with developmentally appropriate, enriching projects for preschoolers (3-4years old).
I also have a special deal available for anyone interested in the Koala Crate boxes, if you follow this link you will receive $10 off.  

We will also try out the original Kiwi Crate box, that box is filled with projects for kids ages 3-8 that inspire creativity and pique curiosity. 
I also have a special deal available for anyone interested in that box filled with kid projects. Just follow this link and you get $10 off.  

I am very excited, since the cold and rainy days are coming up. These craft boxes will come in very handy. 

We will also try out the famous Austin Lloyd Box this month.
When I heard they now also offer boxes for 3 year olds, I just had to try it out. 
We already know this months theme will be Circus and I am very excited. 

Austin Lloyd is a pricier kids subscription service, but from what I have seen so far its worth it. They always send out 4-5 engaging surprises each month and there is also always one book included. 
I am very excited since they feature some of my favorite brands. 
I received a special code for anyone interested in Austin Lloyd, it will save you 15%.
Here is the code: ReviewsFromMom15 .

So stay tuned. 

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