Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bluum Box September 2014 - 47 Months Old Girl

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 I am very excited to show you all my September Box. It got to my house a little late, but that had nothing to do with Bluum. It took a bit because I redeemed 500 Bluum Points for a FREE box. Yes you heard right, I got this box completely free. Because there is a great perk about Bluum, after you receive your monthly box you check your account and you will be able to review the products. For each review you get points. I collected 500 points in 6 months. It was super easy!

So here is what we received in our FREE box:

- Snapea Crisps, lightly salted - around $2 at the grocery store. 
 Everyone in our family loves salty snacks and these Snapea Crisps are just delicious. I love their flavor and crunch.
This is a very silly but also cute idea. I also like it because kids can explore fruits and veggies. 
Our daughter already likes her fruit and veggies but I bet it could help other kids. 

- The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott, The Big Body Book - $9.99
Every child needs a book about the human body, since everyone needs to know what is inside a body and how all the organs work.  I really enjoy these colorful illustrations.

-Bumkins Dr. Seuss, Pink Cindy Lou Melamine Bowl - $4.95
We use bowl each and every day. Either for cereal, snacks, fruit and even for finger paints or beads.

-Manhattan Toy Handpuppet, Swashbucklers Maiden - $16.00
Handpuppets are fun in so many ways. For playing, for creating a puppet show, for demonstrating a situation or feeling or for just having a conversation with.

- I want to draw, Fairy Princess - $4.99
 Our daughter loves Dry Earase boards, so she of course loves this coloring book. There are 6 different princesses in this book and every page is super easy to just wipe clean.

The value of all the items combined, is more than what the normal box costs ($29.00). And I just love the variety Bluum always sends us.
THANK YOU BLUUM for sending us such a great box! The 500 Bluum points were way worth it.
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