Friday, September 26, 2014

Citrus Lane September 2014 Box Review #2 - 2 year old Girl

 So, since we got two different boxes this month I will make two different blog posts.
One box was actually put together for 3 year old girls, here is the link for that post, and the other one for 2 year old girls.

Here is what we got for our 2 year old daughter:

We love books and also CDs, so I love this item. The illustrations are beautiful and I like that they used a classic tale. 
 Crunchy, little and healthy treat, made with wheat dough, sunflower seeds and cinnamon. This snack has just the right crunch and sweetness. I also like that it is just the right size for kids.

I really like this clock, because you can use it to explore and actually touch all different kind of shapes and you can also learn about time/colors/numbers. 

What a cute idea, I really like this unisex bath tub puzzle and I cant wait to play with it myself. I am super excited to try it out tonight with my daughter.

So I really like these items and I honestly have to say, that I like this one a bit more then the 3 year old box. Buts that is just my personal opinion. I really like all the different things you can explore with the Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock and I also like the unique Boon Bath Tub Puzzle. 
This box is worth $44, so quiet a bit more then the $29 dollars you pay for the box.

If you are interested in trying out Citrus Lane and love getting surprises in the mail, follow this link and you get 50% off your first box
Thank you.

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