Monday, October 6, 2014

TFY Padded Hand-Strap plus Tablet Cover Case Review

Besides the iPhone 5s cases we were also able to try out this TFY Padded Hand-Strap plus Tablet Cover Case  thanks to  MyTradeWorld.  

I really like the case that comes with the TFY Padded hand-strap. It protects very well and fits snug around the tablet. 
I also really like attached padded hand-strap since it has 2 great ways to use it. You can use it as as a hand-strap and hold the tablet easyily, at home while cooking or at work while holding a presentation or showing something to your co-workers or students. 
The other great way you can use the hand-strap is that it also works like a stand. 
Our daughter loves it, because I can easily prop it up and she can watch a show and does not need to hold the tablet. 

We really like this product and want to thank MyTradeWorld for the chance to try it out. 

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