Monday, October 6, 2014

TFY Sport Armband iPhone 5s Review

I recently got the chance to try out 2 great TFY Sport Armbandsfor my iPhone 5s, thanks to MyTradeWorld.

We received the
and the

Here is the 

 I really like this Armband and I am very surprised how strong the Velcro is. I expected it to be loose and wiggly but this is hardcore Velcro that sticks together so hard that I have a hard time getting it off with one hand. I use this Sport Armband when I go running, biking or I am just chasing my toddler around the playground. I like that It comes with a very neat case and a little slot for my key.
The Armband is very soft and doesn't cut in my skin when I tighten it. It feels comfortable and my iPhone 5 stays in place and doesn't move around.

 Here is the

This Sport Armband is different since here you put your phone between special hooks. I had a hard time getting my phone in the first time, but now with some practice its very easy. 
The hooks are very tight, so your phone is locked in and doesn't move around.  
I even shook the Armband around and it did not move or wiggle.
Again the Armband is very soft and does not cut in your skin and it also has a special slot for your key. 

Thanks again to MyTradeWorld. 

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