Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Koala Crate - Colors - October 2014 Box

I was super excited when, Kiwi Crate announced starting October 2014 they are also offering a crate for Preschoolers (3-4 years). 

Its called, Koala Crate, and they created the Craft Boxes together with the famous Highlights magazine. 
Every crate is filled with activities that engage creativity and playfulness. 
Plus, the imagine magazine, created by Highlights
The magazine is a great addition to the engaging crafts, it is filled with stories, poems, games and extra activities.

We received our 'Colors' box a couple days back, but so far we enjoyed the nice weather and didnt have the time to sit down and do the crafts. But finally today was a crappy day and the first thing we did after breakfast is open the Koala Crate box.

I was super excited and so was our daughter. She loves crafts, messy glue stuff and paint. So this is perfect for her. 

Here are some pictures, so you guys can see what all we got:

 Jumbo Crayons, a color Dice and Watercolor Paint.
Transparency Sheets and a Banner.

We started with the transparency sheets and scavenger hunt.

Running around looking for the matching color animals and playing with the transparency sheets was a lot of fun. We spend 10 Minutes or even a bit more just with the first activity. It was also a lot of fun, just holding up the transparency sheets and pretending to be in a 'red' or 'blue' world. It was actually quiet funny to see everything in a different color.

Next we used the crayons and watercolor paint to create the banner. 

My daughter and I had a great time using the crayons and watercolor paint. The crayons shine through the water colors and we made a beautiful banner. It is simple but it was a lot of fun to pick different colors and make the crayons shine through the watercolors.

After we were done with most of the activities, I saved some for later (like mixing colors together), we read the imagine magazine. We enjoyed the story about Kellan (the Koala), Peter (the Parrot) and Ella (the Alligator), the poems and other activities (coloring page, hidden picture page, silly things page). 

All in all I have to say that I didn't expect to have this much fun, since its hard to do 'bigger crafts' with preschoolers. But I was very impressed. I loved the theme, the activities and most of all the magazine that came with it. We had a great morning exploring, creating, reading, drawing and doing crafts.
But best of all my daughter and I had a blast together and we laughed alot. 

Thank you.

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