Monday, November 17, 2014

Austin Lloyd November Review - 3 year old (Promo Code included)

Here it is, our second Austin Lloyd Box.
We received a great Box last month and really enjoyed the Circus theme.
So when Austin Lloyd announced the Fairy Tale and Make Believe theme for this month, I was very excited. My family is German so I know all about Fairy Tales and grew up with them. 
I want my daughter to know all about Old Folk Tales and Fairy Tales. 

- Kid O, Frogs and Lily Pad Game - Retail Value $11.99
This is very cute and I really think our daughter will enjoy it. This game will help with motor skills, hand eye coordination and also teach kids to play together. Perfect game for any restaurant trip or quiet time. 

- Parragon, Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Retail Value $5.99
We love books and this colorful board book will be a great addition to out bookshelf (which we recently had to expand. I really like sturdy board books and I am impressed that even though its a board book, it has the full classic story in it. Because we really like long and interesting stories.  

- Trudi, Owl Wizard Puppet - Retail Value $29.99
Wow, look at this beautiful Owl Wizard from Trudi. I love the way hes dressed, I love the sweet look on his eyes and I love that he will help us with imaginary stories and make believe. I will also use him to sing and read books in silly voices. He is very soft, so that he can even be a snuggle buddy.

- Moulin Routy, Ombres du Soir - Retail Value $18.50
These 'People of the night' are such a great idea. Perfect for night time story time and making up stories. I will have to try these out when we build our tent out of blankets. I think I am even more excited then my daughter. I usually always almost break my fingers trying to make an animal with my fingers. But this will be so much fun!

Again, we received a great box filled with high-value items. 
The value of the items is way higher than the price of the box originally. So I got a great amount of Toys for a great price and all are matching the Fairy Tale theme.
We really enjoy these special and extraordinary items, that you cant find at Target or the Toy Store. 
We will have so much fun making up stories, reading Fairy Tales and playing with the Froggies.

If anyone is interested, I received a special code that will save you 15%. 

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