Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bluum Box June 2014 - 44 Months Old Girl

We are receiving Bluum Boxes for 3 month now. I thought I will switch it up a bit and I changed my daughters age. She is actually turning 3 in October, but I added a year. I know this may sounds weird, but I just felt like my daughter needed stuff that challenges her a little more.
That doesn't mean that I didn't like the products though. I really liked the 3 Bluum Boxes we received so far.
Here are their reviews: May 2014, April 2014 and March 2014.

Here is what we got this month:

- Melissa and Doug, Butterfly Binoculars 6.99$ and a Ladybug Hat 6.99$
Perfect for the summer! I think every child should own a hat in the summer, the sun can be very strong and they should protect their little heads. Especially if you have children that love to play outside all day, like my child.
I also really like the binoculars. Especially after our daughter asked us to get her some, after she was playing with her grandpas binoculars, that were way to big.

- Brinware, Pink ABC place mat - 14.99$ for a set of 2
This is great, as you can see we tried it out right away. I love that it just sticks to the table, our daughter usually just plays with place mats and they don't get to do their job.

- Parragon Book - Snip! Snap! Book 7.13$ on
and Childs Play - Clean it! Book 5.39$ on
Books are always great, so I wont complain about receiving 2 in one box. The Parragon Book is beautiful and our daughter loved the animals.
The Clean it! book is perfect too, because every toddler I know loves to help out and our daughter even has her own little broom.
As you can see, these products are great. I really like this box.

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