Monday, April 21, 2014

Bluum Box - April 2014

We received our April 2014 Bluum Box today and I was very excited. 
There were some pros and cons about last months Bluum Box. So I was hoping this Month would be better.
I have to say though, after contacting Customer Service last month and telling them how I feel, I was very surprised. They were very kind, understanding and especially they reply fast. 
I do not like when I can not reach the company. 
That is just not professional to me.
I worked in the Customer Service Department and learned, that the Customer comes first and it should be super easy to get in touch.
But anyways, I give kudos to the Bluum Customer Service team. They are doing a great job.

So here is what we got this Month:

- A Priddy Book called 'Noisy Zoo', our daughter loves books and recently started wanting to know more about specific animals. She is really interested in Lions, Monkeys and Elephants, so this will be perfect. The books says 1+ on the back, but the text in the book has information about the animals that, I think, kids 2 and older can actually understand.
Amazon sells this book for 8.99$.
- Two Melissa and Doug Peg Puzzles, one is about shapes and one about the alphabet. 
I just wish our daughter would like Peg Puzzles as much as other kids do. 
But I think these are great. Especially since now they actually start to show interest in Shapes and Letters. These Peg Puzzles sell for 7.99$ each on Amazon.

-A Pink Myself Belt, I really like the idea of a belt for kids. Especially since they can use this one by them self. Our daughter just recently started wanting to do everything by her self.
Also this is perfect because our daughter is very narrow, so usually pants never fit her right. But I bet this cute belt will help her so that her pants don't fall down. This Myself Belt sells for 16.95$ on their website.
- A Full-Size Bottle of Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle. I have heard of Dry Shampoo, but I have never tried it. So when I received it I tried it on myself and my husband. :)
I liked it but I've noticed that you can't use too much or your hair will look kind of raggedy/stringy/unhealthy. I think I also used a bit too much because I had some powder still in my hair even though I kept brushing and brushing it out.
But it is a nice product, and I will use it again just to see if using a bit less will make it work better.
This product sells for  18.54$ on Amazon.

All together I am very happy about my April Bluum Box.
The products are great and my daughter will be super happy about her book, belt and hopefully also the Peg Puzzles. 

I you are interested in a Bluum Box subscription please follow this link and you will get 50% off your first box.

Disclaimer: Post contains referral/affiliate links.

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