Friday, May 2, 2014

CVS Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sample Review

This last week was great, we received so many samples and I am super excited to all try them out.
Here is the first one, thanks to CVS we received a Tide Plus Febreze Freshness 'Spring and Renewal' Sample. It also came with a 2$ off CVS coupon. I love CVS coupons, because you are allowed to stack them with Manufacturers Coupons. (And there is a Manufacturers Coupon for 1$ off any Tide Detergent available on

I was also very excited, because I usually have to buy the 'Free' non smelling Detergent since my husband gets a horrible rash when I use any other Detergent. We also have a toddler in the house, so I also prefer using the 'Free' Detergent for her. It wouldn't make sense to buy any other Detergent just for myself. So I use what the majority in our house uses.

As soon as I received this sample, I raced upstairs and sorted all the laundry and tossed just my dirty clothes in our washer. I was so excited to finally use a great smelling, refreshing Detergent.
And, oh my, was I happy after the washer was done and I could smell the fresh, flowery smell of my clothes. Even after my clothes came out of the dryer the smell was very strong and refreshing.
I know some people are used to great smelling laundry, so for them this might have been just a great sample. But my clothes usually don't smell like anything, so I was so happy and my clothes smelled terrific.

I was so happy with my sample, that with the help of the coupon, I was even able to get my own little bottle of Tide at CVS today.
Now, I am a happy Mommy and my clothes are going to smell great.

Thank you to CVS.

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