Monday, March 31, 2014

Graze Box Review #1 (March 31st 2014)

If you checked out my blog recently, my husband and I each received an offer for a free Graze box. I will review each box separately.
They just arrived today and I am super excited to share my reviews about them with you all.
Graze is a company that sends you a little box once a week ( or every 2 or 4 weeks) with 4 different healthy snacks. They have a lot of snacks to choose from, like different whole nuts, dips, popping corn, pure fruit, flapjacks, ..... . So there is definitely something for everybody.

You can look through their selection and click if you like it, love it or if you want to 'trash' it. I like that because there are a couple things I dont like, so I just 'trashed' them.

Here is the box I received today

I got cookies and cream, promodoro rustichella, summer berry flapjack and raspberry coconut muffin.

I personally am super excited about the summer berry flapjack and the raspberry coconut muffin because I selected the items, when I had the choice to click 'love it'.
The promodoro rustichella and cookies and cream were a surprise for me and I am eager to try them out.

I just tried the flapjack and it is like a soft chewy cookie, super moist and delicious. Great berry flavor and not too sweet. I also tried the promodoro rustichella just now and even though I love my sweet snacks, that savory snack mix made out of almonds, cheese croutons and little tomato baguettes is great. I really like the tomato flavor and it is not too salty.

They included a little snack guide, which I really like because it has the Nutrition Facts on the back.

I am very happy about my first Graze box and I cant wait till my husband is home so he can try out his box. So far these snacks are very tasty, healthy and make me want to try out all the other different snack options too.

If you all are interested, here is my link
You will receive your FIRST AND FIFTH box for free and shipping will also be free. 
So why not go ahead and just try it.

Update: We just tried the raspberry coconut muffin and cookies and cream and my husband and I both love them, my husband prefers the raspberry coconut muffin one, because he loves coconut and it just all goes so well together. Perfect blend of coconut, armaretti drops and raspberry cranberries. I like the cookies and cream more because that's just my perfect treat, plus I love the sunflower seeds and hazelnuts in it because they make it extra crunchy.

Our Graze Box after arriving today:

Our daughter ate all the promodoro rustichella and my husband and I shared the rest. Wow such a great hit in my family!

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