Friday, April 4, 2014

Smiley360 Mission Review: Fresh Guard(TM) by Efferdent(TM)

 As you might have seen here, I am a member of the Smiley360 community and I was offered another mission. Since I wear removable clear braces, I was approved for this mission and I am very excited.

 Because people, like me, who wear a retainer, mouth guard or clear braces are probably not getting them as clean as they want , and worse, they may be damaging them. Brushing can actually scratch your device, creating spaces where bacteria can grow. Mouthwash simply doesnt fully remove the mouth film that collects and may cause damage to the plastics or metals these devices are made of. But the new Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent™ is specially designed to effectively clean your removable dental devices without causing damage.

Here is what I received in my Smiley360 package yesterday: 
I received this great starter kit that includes, 2 soaks + 1 wipe for on the go and a 1$ off coupon for my next Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent™ purchase.

I tried the soak last night and it just took 5 minutes, I know other cleaners can take much longer so I was happy. I took it out after the solution turned from blue to clear and rinsed it off. I was very impressed with how clean my clear braces were.

This product is really great and I am so happy I got the chance to try it out. Thank you for Smiley360 for sending me this great starter kit and coupon.
If you are interested in the new Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent™follow this link to sign up and receive coupons.
And if any of you is interested in trying out products and signing up for Smiley360, here is the Smiley360 link.

Thank you.

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