Monday, May 19, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014 Box Review - 2 year old Girl

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I got the 6 month subscription from Citrus Lane a while back and already received April 2014 and  March 2014.
And today we received our May Box and I have to say after the 2 last month 'weak boxes', this one is terrific.

Here is what we got:

 - Melissa and Doug, Paint with Water Garden
Retails for 4.99$ on their website but also sells on Amazon for 6.32$
I think this is very cute, it contains of 20 pages with paints on each page and paintbrush.
The garden theme is also very matching for the season right now and perfect for our daughter who loves exploring the garden, especially the bugs.

- Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids
Grapefruit 3 Packs of 10 Wipes sell for 9.99$ on their website and 1 pack sells for 6.76$ on Amazon.
I think these will be perfect for our beach vacation. Who else hates sticky sandy feet?? 

- Hape Sand Toys, one is the Pathenon and the other one is the Mayan Sand Mold.
Mayan Pyramid sells for 2.99$ on their website, but for 7.75$ on Amazon.
The Pathenon sells for 2.99$ on their website also but for 5.63$ on Amazon.
These Sand Molds are awesome and so unique. Now we can build ancient buildings right in our sand box. 

- Back To Nature, Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
These look great and I heard a lot of positive comments about this brand. 
I have not tried them yet and I am not sure how much these run for at the store. 
I would guess between 3-5$.

After my daughter woke up from her nap she looked through her Citrus Lane Box and spotted these cookies, lets just say they were gone faster then I expected. I tried one and they are very good. I will definitely buy them again!

This just launched an runs for 21.95$ on several different websites.
I am very impressed with that because it is a perfect lunch size and comes with 2 dippers.
Because everybody knows toddler love to dip, no matter if it is guacamole, hummus, ketchup, honey, caramel or fudge.
I will definately use this on small hiking trips or when we are out and about on weekends.

 So all in all, I am very impressed. The value is way over what the normal box costs, which is 29.99$.
I love this months box and I know our daughter will too. 
Especially since she loves to paint, play in the sand, has dirty feet and can't say no to cookies. :)

Thank you.


  1. How many months? My daughter is 29 months and this is our first box. From the pics and descriptions on Facebook, I'm expecting to get this one. Hopefully it's this and not the one with the markers and watch. Bleh. I will admit, I think they should have given a watering can and one sand toy instead of two. The boys look like they got a tire roller toy in theirs. Bu that's my only critique. Great looking box!

    1. Our daughter is 31 month. I really like this box and have nothing to complain. But I get what your saying.