Sunday, May 4, 2014

SampleSource Sample Box Review April 2014

I recently discovered a great website, that offers samples every season. 
Its called SampleSource. I just singed up last month and already received my first Box filled with great samples.
What is very nice about this website is that you don't need to fill out any surveys. You just need to register and go online when they have samples available. You can pick the ones you want and they ship them for free to your door. How easy is that. 
Something else that is also great is that you can track your sample. I signed up for so many samples and never received them. So tracking them is a nice perk.

Here is what we received last week.
- Tums Chewy Delights and Tums Freshers - My husband uses Tums all the time, so he will be happy about new Tums products. He has a lot of heartburn.
- Breathe Right Extra Clear For Sensitive Skin - We use the Breathe Right Original Nasal Strips regularly since my husband snores a lot when he gets congested. We like them, they are just super sticky. Which is good over night, but sometimes they hurt when you take them off.
- Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser - I love Garnier Fructis Products and always buy them, so these will be great for my next trip. I received a shampoo, conditioner and hair butter sample. I just love the smell of their products and they seem to work great for my long, dry hair. 
- Colgate® Slim Soft Toothbrush with Gliding Tips - This looks like a very interesting toothbrush and I will definitely try it out soon, since I have a hard time flossing. The toothbrush has floss-top bristles to clean in between tight spaces and along the gum line. Perfect for me since I have a glued wire Retainer.

I cant wait to try out all these products. What is also great is that some of the samples came with coupons. So, if my husband likes the new Tums Chewy Delights or Freshers, I can head out to the store and get them a bit cheaper. Yay for Coupons.

Thank you SampleSource.

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