Saturday, April 12, 2014

Smiley360 Mission Review: PERK® Vent Wrap

Look, another great boxes from Smiley360

I received these PERK® Vent Wrap for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join too, just click  here. 
We received Four (4) samples of PERK® Vent Wrap in a variety of fragrances (Absolute Zero, New Car, Clean Laundry and Golden Vanilla). My husband stole the Absolute Zero and New Car for his car right away and I attached the Clean Laundry to the vent in my car.
Smiley360 also send us a 1$ off coupon in the same package and we will definitely use it. 
(We also received a great Flying Disk, perfect for the great weather coming up)

Clipping it to the vent was super easy. I love that it is invisible and that is doesn't block the vent. It made my car smell fresh and was not too strong.
I am sensitive to smells in the car and easily get nauseous, so I am very pleased with this PERK® Vent Wrap. It is hidden under a black protective cover, so not visible, and just fresh instead of having an over-powering smell.

Great Product and we will definitely buy more.
Thank you Smiley360.

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