Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Graze Box Review July 2014

Better late than never.
Here is our Graze Box review from 2 weeks ago.

When we got our First Graze Box, we got it for free and loved it so much, we continued their service. If you are interested in getting your first and fifth box for free also, follow this link. 

We got, Mississippi BBQ Pistachios, Key Lime Pie, Nature's Immunity Nuts and Raspberry Coconut Muffin.
I really enjoyed the Pistachios because they has a great medium BBQ flavor. My husband and I both shared the Key Lime Pie and Raspberry Coconut Muffin and we love both, they were just slightly too sweet for our taste. My husband took the Nature's Immunity Nuts to work and he said they were a great snack for in between and he liked the mix of Brazil, Cashew and Pistachios. It was just the right ratio of nuts.

Again if you are interested in trying out a free box (and also receiving your fifth box for free) follow this link, you wont regret it. 

Thank you.

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